Ordering Process

Our products are manufactured Domestically, and Internationally. There are some products that will require specific measurements of the customer.  If you order an item that needs to be made with custom measurements, we will email you before we begin processing your order.  Please check your email daily as while your order is being processed and up until it is delivered to you to keep informed of any changes or updates.  

If you would like to email your order and receive and invoice by email. Please email us the Item Name, Size, Quantity, Colors, and if available SKU to stylist@statementpiecestees.com or statementpiecesltd@gmail.com.

You may also Call in your order providing the same information.  An invoice will be sent to you.  You can pay by VISA, and PayPal on the website, Bank Draft, Money Order, or Cash App. Please be advised VISA and PayPal are the fastest payment options.  Any other payment will delay your order from processing, and risk of the items being unavailable.  If you email or call in your order please check your email for your invoice. You may reply with your remittance option to stylist@statementpiecestees.com